SOLO performance: Jak Stringer in ‘Walking with Wilkie’, Feb 13th.

Walking with WIlkie ® Jono Whitehead

Walking with WIlkie ® Jono Whitehead

In the summer of 1850, Wilkie Collins aspired to make his name as a writer so commenced a walking-for -pleasure tour of Cornwall, which resulted in his book, Rambles Beyond Railways; or Notes in Cornwall taken A-foot. In 2013 Jak Stringer retraced his footsteps, with the aim of bringing stories from his forgotten book alive once more and creating a performance that intertwines the life of Collins, with a snapshot of Victorian Cornwall. Walking with Wilkie is a fusion of contemporary film and live storytelling, with the flavour of Victorian parlour, to make a humorous and interesting performance.

Feb 13th, 7.30 pm, Studio A. The Performance Centre, Penryn, Falmouth University.

SOLO performance and SOLO dialogue: Bram Arnold in ‘Resting Places’ and in conversation with Misri Dey, Feb 11th.

Resting Places

Resting Places

Grief and the horizon. Walking to work through it. Some gold leaf. A record player. Camping equipment. Cremated remains. A ruined Cistercian Monastery. An unexpected interlude about Yves Klein and Rebecca Solnit. An artist, a pedestrian, and a writer. A performance lecture about place, memory, grief and coincidence, amongst other things. Resting Places was first performed at ‘Performing Grief’, a formal academic conference at the Sorbonne, Paris, in 2014. It is no longer a formal academic presentation, it never was.

Rough running time:  30min + 30 mins dialogue/Q and A with Misri Dey

Disclaimer: Please note this event includes the use of cremated remains

Feb 11th, 7pm, Studio L. The Performance Centre, Penryn, Falmouth University.

followed by a Solo Dialogue and Q and A with Misri Dey.

SOLO Scratch : Bristol Old Vic (Ferment Fortnight)

SOLO Scratch Ferment Low Res-5499

SOLO scratch at Bristol Old Vic – as part of Ferment Fortnight

Alice Human | Bella Fortune + Post show Q&A

In preparation for the upcoming SOLO showcase in March 2015, two solo artists will share their developing performances. Sonic performance artist Alice Human and Poet/Dancer Bella Fortune will both present their new work, followed by a Q&A session held by the SOLO forum directors, Misri Dey and Ria Hartley.

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22nd January 2015
Host Venue: Bristol Old Vic (Ferment Fortnight)

SOLO Scratch: 22:22 (A Selection of Microcosms)

Performance by: Ben Crowden

Ben Crowden 2222 a selection of microcosms

‘A meeting between an advent calendar and the multiverse theory, a man in a blue boiler suit negotiates his way through a world of doors, each revealing slightly more absurd situation than the last.’

Ben Crowden invites us to see his new work in progress and asks from our collective knowledge ‘how best to step from the studio to the stage?’



15th December 2014
Host Venue: The Milk Bar, Bristol

SOLO Scratch: Tea with your Ancestors

  • Performance by: Alice Human

tea with your ancestors alice human

I am currently working on a piece called Tea with your Ancestors which is an exploration of both recorded and live landscapes, of which I have recorded a series of tracks with voices from my Grandparents and parents surrounding the ideas of death, re-birth and how we choose to connect with our ancestry and who we are in the world. I have yet to explore this material physically in a studio and create it into a live performance. I have two ‘songs’ also which are played on my pump organ that I want to experiment with. My aim would be to clarify what sonic material is relevant and work with it physically and explore the relationship between me and the audience I want to give the audience a sensory experience and to enable them to process the density of the audio.


3rd October 2014
Host Venue: The Milk Bar, Bristol

SOLO Lab – Falmouth 2014

  • Participants: Jo Bannon, Ria Hartley, Hanna Silva, Selina Thompson, Misri Dey

A week long intensive for five artists, who came to Falmouth from Bristol, London, Leeds and Birmingham to participate in the Solo Performance Forum Summer Lab 2014. Long days occurred, including making, talking, giving feedback, cooking and laughing and we showed a mixture of new ideas and more worked materials. These ranged from card games to performance lectures to sound and spoken word performances to slow motion sound opera. It culminated in a public sharing of the work.

8th – 12th Sept 2014
Host Venue: Falmouth University

SOLO Preview: How to Achieve Redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart

  • Performance by: Rachael Clerke

rachael clerke braveheart

Rachael feels uneasy about Scotland. She feels uneasy about Alex Salmond and Donald Trump. About golf, tartan and the independence referendum. She feels particularly uneasy about the fact that she once performed the Braveheart freedom speech to Rangers fans outside Ibrox.

Exploring identity, belonging and machismo, How to Achieve Redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart delves into the personal-political debate of a country on the edge of a decision. Expect rousing speeches, bicycles dressed as horses, a woman dressed as Mel Gibson and your very own Scottish enlightenment.

Winner of the Ideastap Underbelly Award 2014.

25th July 2014 7pm
Host Venue: The Milk Bar, Bristol