SOLO Lab – Falmouth 2014

  • Participants: Jo Bannon, Ria Hartley, Hanna Silva, Selina Thompson, Misri Dey

A week long intensive for five artists, who came to Falmouth from Bristol, London, Leeds and Birmingham to participate in the Solo Performance Forum Summer Lab 2014. Long days occurred, including making, talking, giving feedback, cooking and laughing and we showed a mixture of new ideas and more worked materials. These ranged from card games to performance lectures to sound and spoken word performances to slow motion sound opera. It culminated in a public sharing of the work.

8th – 12th Sept 2014
Host Venue: Falmouth University

SOLO Lab – Dartington 2008

  • Participants: Misri Dey, Eva Meyer Keller, Mary Oliver

It was coordinated by Misri Dey, solo performer and Senior Lecturer in Theatre. Eva Meyer-Keller from Berlin and Mary Oliver from Salford University were invited to take part in the five day lab. Mary Oliver is a performer who works with interactive live performance and video and film. Eva Meyer-Keller is a devisor performer who works with live performance, objects, film, light and currently young people. Misri Dey is a devisor performer who works with live performance focusing on mixed ethnicity, voice, music and direct address.

This lab differed in that all three artists decided to focus on working on relatively new materials, in the fragile zone of unfixed ideas and practices that were being created.  We worked individually on material in the morning and then showed it in the afternoons and gave and received feedback.

Misri Dey writes, “I was interested to explore what might happen when my voice falls apart. I had an idea to make a piece of work called ‘Vibrato’ – exploring my controlled voice and how it stays smooth and strong and how I am much more interested in the sounds of it falling apart. This happens when I cry or laugh – and vibrato arrives. I wanted to film this, to see what my voice becomes when it is under pressure and how the ‘ugly’ sound of breaking, wobbling, gulps and spit change what I am performing and what it can mean.

Mary Oliver writes, “During SOLO I was attempting to further develop my relations with my digital self. I explored the ‘miniature’ by playing with the solo monologue on mobile phone and the ‘unstable’ with a suspended television, avoiding cinematic scale. I am extremely interested in changing my performance persona through the use of recording in quite lo-tech ways, to keep my relationship to the technology as human as possible. To this end, torturing my recorded self, hanging her upside down on a swinging, spinning television produced some darkly comic and quite disturbing material for further development.”

Eva Meyer-Keller writes, “I came to Dartington to explore further the possibilities of shadow games. I see a great potential in it… I was looking for something in combination, or more something in contrast to make the qualities of the medium stand out more…”

July 2008
Host Venue: Dartington College of Arts

SOLO Lab – Dartington 2006

  • Participants : Misri Dey, Barbara Bridger, Mark Stephens, Jeremiah Krage, Anna Steward

These early labs consisted of a small group of devisor/performers experimenting through a phase of research and development to find the best working structure for a lab event. The labs took place over four days, in which practitioners brought work and had allocated session time to show, receive feedback or work their material in any way they needed to.  Through the sharing of specifically solo practice and experience, it sought to create a mentoring environment for practitioners at all stages in their careers.

April & September 2006
Host Institution :
Dartington College of Arts / Dartington Arts