Welcome to our new performance platform, CLUB SOLO, at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. First up – Syvia Rimat’s Imagine Me To Be There

Sylvia Rimat


21st October 2016. 8pm

Sylvia Rimat Imagine me To Be There

Sylvia Rimat
Imagine me To Be There

Welcome to Club Solo, where for some strange reason, we go it (as if) alone. Pack our necessities and jump into the unknown. Think big, talk small, eat grenades, throw sweets, open our arms and hold it – together.

Club Solo presents solo performance Imagine Me To Be There by Sylvia Rimat, followed by after show discussion on her new work, Tree.

Imagine Me To Be There is an inventive, participatory and humorous performance that playfully challenges the conventions of theatre, watching and our imagination. The audience enters a bare space. A performer, Sylvia Rimat, sits on the floor with a laptop. There’s also a drum kit and a sharp knife. The performance explores stereotypical fragments of narration we all are familiar with (red high heels, a knife, flickering lights) and our desire to build up stories.

The show will be followed by a talk on Tree the new planned project by Sylvia Rimat and Sydney-based visual artist Cat Jones. Tree will draw on research on our imagination and invite audiences for a walk through forests in two geographic locations.

“The skill of Rimat’s performance lies in the way she marries the magic of the theatre with the fantasies of the virtual.”
A_N Review by Mary Paterson


Imagine Me To Be There is supported by Arts Council England, Battersea Arts Centre, In Between Time, Testing Grounds and Residence

SOLO performance: Jak Stringer in ‘Walking with Wilkie’, Feb 13th.

Walking with WIlkie ® Jono Whitehead

Walking with WIlkie ® Jono Whitehead

In the summer of 1850, Wilkie Collins aspired to make his name as a writer so commenced a walking-for -pleasure tour of Cornwall, which resulted in his book, Rambles Beyond Railways; or Notes in Cornwall taken A-foot. In 2013 Jak Stringer retraced his footsteps, with the aim of bringing stories from his forgotten book alive once more and creating a performance that intertwines the life of Collins, with a snapshot of Victorian Cornwall. Walking with Wilkie is a fusion of contemporary film and live storytelling, with the flavour of Victorian parlour, to make a humorous and interesting performance.

Feb 13th, 7.30 pm, Studio A. The Performance Centre, Penryn, Falmouth University.

SOLO performance and SOLO dialogue: Bram Arnold in ‘Resting Places’ and in conversation with Misri Dey, Feb 11th.

Resting Places

Resting Places

Grief and the horizon. Walking to work through it. Some gold leaf. A record player. Camping equipment. Cremated remains. A ruined Cistercian Monastery. An unexpected interlude about Yves Klein and Rebecca Solnit. An artist, a pedestrian, and a writer. A performance lecture about place, memory, grief and coincidence, amongst other things. Resting Places was first performed at ‘Performing Grief’, a formal academic conference at the Sorbonne, Paris, in 2014. It is no longer a formal academic presentation, it never was.

Rough running time:  30min + 30 mins dialogue/Q and A with Misri Dey

Disclaimer: Please note this event includes the use of cremated remains

Feb 11th, 7pm, Studio L. The Performance Centre, Penryn, Falmouth University.

followed by a Solo Dialogue and Q and A with Misri Dey.